decorative candles!

What you will need is votive candles, an old book you don’t mind destroying, glue or modge podge, a candle, a tea bag and whatever embellishments you wish!

I started with a plain candle which was given to me but they usually cost about a dollar or less…or you can make one 🙂

I then cut the book page to fit the outside of the votive.  When you wrap the paper around  the candle holder it will angle up so make sure you leave some hanging off both ends.  Trim the edges.  Once the glue and paper are dry burn the edges with a candle.  Try and hold it at an angle so that the soot from the candle does not get on your project.  This is perfect for making uneven edges look great!  Take your tea bag and put it in about 1 or 2 tablespoons of water.  Once the water starts to change color start ‘antiquing’ your votive and then decorate once its dry! All done!  its that simple and cost Little to NOTHING to do!



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