Hemp and yarn wrapped recycled bottles!

I love these!  They are a bit time consuming, like a few hours at first, but turn out wonderful and are easy to make.  You’ll need a glue gun, yarn, hemp and a recycled  beer bottle, wine bottle or old vase.  I used  my yarn and hemp together so to give a stripped look.  Glue the end of the yarn and hemp to the chosen bottle.  Add a little glue, then add your hemp and/or yarn.  You can use one or the other, hemp works better alone and the yarn works better with the hemp-not as much glue gets through.  Do this until the end, use as little glue as possible so it does not come through your yarn/hemp.  You can add a flower or just leave plain!  Either way they are simple and make great vases, party favors. candle holders-you name it!



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