New to you dresser!

Well ladies and gentlemen if you have children you know something nice can turn into something drastic within hours!  My daughter, now 14, has a dresser which was used when we got it. Well…it needed a face-lift, bad!   So, as I was strolling through Pinterest one day I saw a post and so I tried it!   You simply cover your old dresser with material!

DSCF1085  Here’s what mine looks like!!!!!

It was so easy!  It did take some time to do it but it really made her old dresser look A LOT better and within my budget.

All I used was some leftover material, you will need about a yard or two total depending on how large or small your dresser.  Modge Podge, yes ladies and gentlemen I broke and bought it but I am so glad I did!  It truly was the perfect glue for this project.  Something to apply the modge podge, I used a paintbrush.  A screwdriver and your dresser!

First I emptied the dresser of course.  Then I cut my material leaving an inch extra on every side.  Take off your knobs and apply Modge Podge to the entire area.  lay your material down and smooth it from the center out.  Modge podge the ends around the side and back of the drawer leaving no loose ends…you don’t want them to get caught and rip off!  I then felt around for the holes and used my screwdriver to poke through the material over the holes so I could get the screw and knob back through.  Do that for all the drawers and it looks great! My daughter loves her new dresser and it didn’t have to hurt my budget!


Crafty facial, hmmmmm… I think yes!

Well ladies and gentlemen I was in a rut, and what better to do when you’re in a rut but pamper yourself!  So, I decided to make something for myself!  First I wanted to make essential oil…I took some leftover eucalyptus-about 4 twigs, a cup of extra virgin olive oil, put it all in a crock pot on low and let it cook for about 4-6 hours.  Please be careful with this step! I set my crock pot to high at first by mistake  and a WAVE of oil came at me!  Not only that you will burn the eucalyptus.  You MUST do this at a low setting!  Any-who, once its done let it cool and strain it!  That’s it for the oil.  Then I bought some dead sea salt, which does WONDERS for you skin, and mixed a 1/4 cup of dead sea salt with a teaspoon of the essential oil i made.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, my skin has NEVER been this soft! I used it on my feet, they felt great!!  If you use it on you face, cause you can and it works great, then first finely grind up the salt and oil mixture so not to cut your face!  Also, it may tingle a bit but that’s normal.  I mixed mine with my face soap.  You can use it all over your body, or just put a cup of it in your bath water!  You can even do it without the scent! just add oil!  LOVE THIS!  ENJOY!