crafty cards!

One of my favorite things to do is make cards for my friends and family.   These cards are some of the cards I love the most…

f21ca207b68fed8d791c826f9fbf0d8c  this birthday card cost practically nothing to make.  It is made with scraps from other projects!  I used white card stock (that was new :)), scrapbooking paper, some leftover embellishments, ribbon and some leftover card stock.  The candles were made from wick leftovers that i wrapped in scrapbooking paper and tied with a yarn bow.  It was very simple to make!

c49b1ac8d8bc833bf7a9ff205ca85e88 this card was made for a baby shower but you could also use it for a first mothers day or first fathers day.  I did not use a real baby to make the foot…. I used my hand 🙂  Really!  Make a closed fist and stamp with the outside of your hand! then add toes with the tip of your pinky finger!  Add some ribbon and WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO a VERY cute card!

With fathers day coming I of course had to make my wonderful husband a….CARD…or two  from the kids!

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To explain these a little, my husband is a BIG KID who loves star trek and superman.  The ‘Spock’ card was something i just printed off of the internet and sized it to fit the card.  The writing is a line from the show, inside it reads “you became our father”.  The superman card I did the same.  On the front there is the ‘Superman’ symbol and what you see pictured is the inside of the card.  In case you dont see, supermans face is my husbands face cut out of a printed picture and glued on…

Since we’ve done fathers day how bout a mothers day card?

mothers day card

mothers day card

I made this card for my mother, its simple and again inexpensive.  All I used to decorate was scrapbooking paper… a button, a hemp bow…thats it!

this card was a little time consuming but worth it!

pocket watch card!

pocket watch card

First find a clock face you like and print it the size you want. Cut your card stock to fit the face making sure to leave a little bit together for the hinge.  make a chain, this was the time consuming part, and connect it all!