I love this stuff. I have been using it for at least 6 months and i have seen such a difference in myself and skin. I’ll be forty in a month and people ask me if i’m in my twenties…that didnt happen before. Check out my page. I love the day cream, night cream, eye cream, illumaboost, clenser and eye patches. They work. They made a difference in how I looked at myself. Let me help you pick yourself up whether it be  physically or facially. if you would like a sample of something i will happily send it to you just email me at with your details and what you want! Thanks!


DIY baby Velcro bows!

I have a baby niece and I LOVE to put bows in her hair!  But like i said she’s a baby and has very little hair, sooooooo I decided to make her some Velcro bows!  They are so easy to make and so inexpensive!  You’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along!!!!!  you’ll need about a 2 inch piece of Velcro, ribbon, buttons or beads, scissors and a glue gun.


First cut the Velcro into strips lengthwise, and then cut each strip in half.


Tie your bow, don’t make it too large or the Velcro will not hold it, and then using your glue gun, glue it to the Velcro.


Add a bead, or just leave as is!   So easy ladies and gentlemen, so easy…ENJOY!


Add a little bling to those babies!

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you have little girls or watch little girls you definitely need to do this!  All you need is about  a 2 1/2 inch strip of Velcro, scissors, a glue gun, and beads or buttons!


first cut the velcro into strips, i got about 4 strips.



then break out the glue gun and add a dot of glue and add your BLING! yayayayayayay you’re done!

they fit any little finger because you can adjust them!

Towels on the floor, not anymore!

Ladies and gentlemen I don’t know if I am the only one in the world with lazy kids, but if you are like, me every time you go to dry your hands in the restroom…you reach for the towel and…its on the @#*! floor!  At that point you don’t know whats on it!  Any-who this irritates the life out of me so, I decided to do something about it!  I went to the dollar store and bought a dollar pack of shower rings and cut a dime size slit in my towels and YES! Towels on the floor no more!!!!!!!!  Put the shower ring through and that’s it!  Just a little tip from me to you! PEACE!

Crafty facial, hmmmmm… I think yes!

Well ladies and gentlemen I was in a rut, and what better to do when you’re in a rut but pamper yourself!  So, I decided to make something for myself!  First I wanted to make essential oil…I took some leftover eucalyptus-about 4 twigs, a cup of extra virgin olive oil, put it all in a crock pot on low and let it cook for about 4-6 hours.  Please be careful with this step! I set my crock pot to high at first by mistake  and a WAVE of oil came at me!  Not only that you will burn the eucalyptus.  You MUST do this at a low setting!  Any-who, once its done let it cool and strain it!  That’s it for the oil.  Then I bought some dead sea salt, which does WONDERS for you skin, and mixed a 1/4 cup of dead sea salt with a teaspoon of the essential oil i made.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, my skin has NEVER been this soft! I used it on my feet, they felt great!!  If you use it on you face, cause you can and it works great, then first finely grind up the salt and oil mixture so not to cut your face!  Also, it may tingle a bit but that’s normal.  I mixed mine with my face soap.  You can use it all over your body, or just put a cup of it in your bath water!  You can even do it without the scent! just add oil!  LOVE THIS!  ENJOY!


Ever have something in your house that just doesn’t look right?

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have.  There is this mirror I just couldn’t seem to get  right so, I tore it apart and did it again:)  My Old Mirror gone right has yet another face lift!  This will take about 6-8 bags of rocks, depending on your mirror size (I got mine from the dollar store but you can search for bulk prices elsewhere), and a strong glue.


This project is HEAVY!  When hanging this you will need to make sure you get a strong enough hanger/nail and find a stud to hang it from!

What I did is completely strip the mirror of everything I had done to it before except for some of the paint.


I then touched up the spots around the mirror with brown paint to give more background color .


I then glued the  rocks to the mirror  around the design and edges filling in afterwards, leaving what i wanted for my design exposed.


That ‘s it!  I spent 8 dollars and have a GORGEOUS mirror now!