Do you love your face and hate blackheads?

Well I do ladies and gentlemen, and unfortunately my daughter had inherited the hatred for them as well.  I am very funny about my skin so I try to take car of it as best I can.  GELATIN FACE-MASKS!  My husband found this idea on the internet and we both wanted to try because Biore’ are just out of our budget.  All you need is a small bowl to mix in, a tablespoon of gelatin, and 1-3 tablespoons of WARM milk.


Again, use WARM milk, if you use cold milk the gelatin will start to congeal, and that’s not good!  Mix the milk and gelatin together until smooth, maybe a minute or so.  Smear that wonderful mixture on your face, or where you have blackheads- avoid hairy areas-it may rip it out.  Wait about 30 minutes for it to dry and literally just peal it off!  you can speed up the process a bit by using a hair dryer on low-don’t burn yourself now, I’m not responsible!  And that’s it! It was really that easy! AND my skin felt great afterwards!  Thanks and have a great day!